Ukraine closer to NATO? Stoltenberg: Supporting Kiev is in our interest

All members of the North Atlantic Alliance are convinced that supporting Ukraine is in their interest, says Jens Stoltenberg

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said Ukraine has presented and agreed with its allies a program aimed at meeting the Alliance’s requirements for its accession. Speaking at a press conference at NATO Headquarters in Brussels, the Secretary General emphasized that the Alliance warmly commends Ukraine for its progress on reforms. – I am impressed by Ukraine’s commitment to reforms, he stressed.

On Wednesday, at the meeting of the NATO-Ukraine Council, the country’s authorities presented an amended Annual National Program for further reforms, in line with the Alliance’s demands. It specifies the tasks Kiev must complete to join the pact. – We have agreed on a work program and a substructure within the Ukraine-NATO Council to ensure the continuation of reforms, Stoltenberg said. – Ukraine is closer to NATO than ever before – added the head of the North Atlantic Alliance.

The approval of the program was also confirmed in an official statement by the NATO-Ukraine Council. “NATO and Ukraine already work together and make decisions together, as equals, on a wide range of issues, including interoperability, energy security, innovation, cybersecurity and resilience,” we read.

The US and Germany do not want Ukraine to join NATO any time soon

On Tuesday, the Euractiv portal reported that there is no agreement within NATO on Ukraine’s rapid accession to the alliance. The US and Germany argue that accession should not be determined by political considerations.

In fact, the same divisions that emerged at the NATO summit in Vilnius in July remain. Germany and the United States insist that Ukraine’s accession process is based on the implementation of specific conditions, and not on political reasons. Washington and Berlin want the program to set the stage for reforms, and only when that is met can a discussion about membership begin.

Other NATO members say the program does not list conditions but is a “guide” or “tool” to monitor Ukraine’s progress.

Source: Do Rzeczy