Spain: Catholics protest against obstruction of prayers for the homeland on city streets

Organizations of lay Catholics in Spain protested against the Ministry of the Interior’s obstruction of prayers for the Fatherland.

On Monday evening, the Spanish government banned a group of Catholics from praying the rosary in a church in Madrid. The temple is close to the headquarters of the Socialists ruling the country (PSOE) and prayers for Spain take place regularly. They accompany demonstrations in front of the party headquarters building led by Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez. The demonstrators are opposing the amnesty that the head of government has promised for separatists from Catalonia.

In an interview with the Spanish media, José Andrés Calderón, co-organizer of the prayers, said that even before the ban on Monday prayers, justified by the government due to the lack of a permit, people practicing near the demonstrations were praying, were repeatedly stopped and had their ID checked. The media reports that some prayer participants were also beaten with batons by police.

Major protests against Sánchez

Protests against the third government of Pedro Sanchez have been taking place in Spain for more than three weeks. The cabinet, based mainly on Socialists, was created thanks to the confidence vote of the Congress of Deputies, the lower house of the Spanish parliament, which was given to the new government on November 16. He was sworn in thanks to the support of Catalan separatists, to whom Sánchez promised amnesty.

Many Spaniards are strongly opposed to amnesty for people convicted of taking part in the attempt to separate Catalonia from Spain. The demonstrators raised Spanish flags and banners with the words “Traitor Sanchez”, “Sanchez to jail” and “Don’t sell Spain”. The crowd blocked central Madrid, highways and the area around the prime minister’s residence.

In the sea of ​​Spanish flags there were also blue flags of the European Union. The opposition People’s Party in particular, which is part of the European People’s Party (EPP), expressed its confidence in Brussels’ help. Protesters from the right-wing Vox party made it clear that, in their view, Sánchez’s current actions constitute a “coup.”

On Wednesday, former head of Catalonia’s autonomous government, Carles Puigdemont, head of the separatist party Together for Catalonia (Junts), called on Sánchez to immediately announce amnesty provisions for secessionists. He threatened that if the new arrangement was delayed, the party would vote to dismiss the Sánchez government.

Source: Do Rzeczy