A 15-year-old boy who was shot in Villa Esperanza, Malambo, dies

At the Forensic Medicine facilities, an uncle of the deceased said that the young man He was playing with a 10-year-old nephew outside the house: “They stopped playing and he said goodbye because he was going to his house, which is on the same sidewalk, when he heard the explosions. Some people were shooting at each other and he stayed in the middle,” he said.

“He was walking distractedly across the street with his mobile phone in his hand. when they started shootingthat they were not against him,” the family member said.

On the other hand, the Julio Verne School in Malambo, where the minor was in seventh grade, published a statement rejecting the fact: “The Juliovernist educational community rejects the murder of our student Yorman Ortega Coronel “who, as a result of a vile mistake, have had their lives cut short at the hands of hardened hearts in a society composed of men and women insensitive to human dignity and human pain.”

“Yorman was characterized by his an attentive, friendly, charismatic, leader, cheerful, spontaneous young man and fundamentally with values ​​and new ways,” the letter concludes.

Source: El heraldo