They arrest those allegedly responsible for the murder of Jack Ramírez

Three people believed to be responsible for the murder have been arrested in recent hours young engineer Jack Ramírezwhich took place last November 1 in the Las Mercedes neighborhood, north of Barranquilla.

The Barranquilla Metropolitan Police will give more details during a press conference about the operation that led to the arrest of those alleged to be the perpetrators of this crime that was dismissed in the city.

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It is worth noting that the events took place around 10.55pm on that Wednesday, November 1, when the car in which Jack and his girlfriend were found stopped in front of the woman’s house. A few seconds later they are slightly hit by another car. That’s where the tragedy began.

Ramírez stepped out to observe what had happened, without appearing hostile at any point, perhaps willing to mediate with the person he thought had made a mistake. Nothing was like that. The figure of the gunman who killed him emerged from the gray car.

Jack got scared because he saw a man with a gun appear, so he ran back to the car; However, the suspect chased him and later shot him, ordered the girlfriend to get out, then got into the car and fled with the other vehicle that was waiting for him.

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The young engineer remained on the ground, dying and fading before his partner’s gaze. He was taken to a hospital, where they could only confirm his death.

Let us not forget that on November 8, seven days after the incident, a suspicious and abandoned vehicle attracted the attention of residents of the densely populated area. Las Nieves neighborhood, in the southeast of Barranquilla, who immediately informed authorities of their presence. The uniformed officers immediately arrived on the scene and realized that it was a red Mazda car with INZ-992 license plates, but this identification was not the real one.

Days earlier they had switched them because their intention was to get him out of town, apparently on their way to Santa Marta. It was the car that was taken from Jack Ramírez’s hands.

Source: El heraldo