This is how Italian boss Massimo Gigliotti moved to Barranquilla

The ‘Ndranghetaone of the most influential criminal organizations in Europedraws attention in the country, especially in Barranquilla. This is because in the capital of Atlantic Ocean one of the main bosses of that mafia was on the move, responsible for the move cocaine by Latin America and Central America towards Europe, mainly to Milan, Italy.

Recently, the Italian authorities dealt one of the strongest blows to this mafia: 200 people were sentenced to 2,200 years in prison for their ties to this criminal organization. Local officials, businessmen and politicians appeared on the list, revealing how organized crime had penetrated Italy’s institutions.

Now the Colombian authorities contributed to that powerful blow by intervening Barranquilla Unpleasant Massimo Gigliotti, prominent member of the feared ‘Ndrangheta mafia and wanted worldwide with a red circular from the Interpol.

According to preliminary information from authorities, this 55-year-old citizen has been visiting Latin America since 2018 to transport tons of cocaine in legal merchandise. In the city, the powerful boss moved freely through commercial establishments and even did so inconspicuously, traveling in cheap cars, all so as not to attract attention.

Some information indicates that the foreigner visited various places, especially nightclubs. In some images seen by these media, the drug trafficker is seen in a public institution, sitting in an armchair next to several women. The subject posed with a gun at his side.

Source: El heraldo