Gaza under attack. Ft reveals Israel’s plan: “War for more than a year”

We return to the fighting in Gaza after the truce for the release of hostages and prisoners. The ceasefire was interrupted in the early hours of today, one day after the attack claimed by the terrorist organization in Jerusalem. The truce ended after a week, with the Israel Defense Forces resuming fighting in the Gaza Strip to “hit Hamas in its strongholds.” The terrorist group “violated the framework” for the pause in hostilities, “failed to fulfill commitments to release all women held hostage and fired rockets into Israel,” said a statement from the Office of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reported by Israeli media . “With the resumption of fighting” it is emphasized that “the Israeli government is committed to achieving the objectives of the war” which is “to free our hostages, eliminate Hamas and ensure that Gaza can never again threaten the population of Israel”.

Hamas, says the Times of Israel, has not provided Israel with a list of the names of the hostages to be released today. “Hamas has not kept its word – accused Lieutenant Colonel Peter Lerner, speaking on the BBC’s Newsday program -. Free all the women and children” held hostage. The IDF’s objectives, he confirmed, always remain to bring home all the hostages and “destroy Hamas” and, he reiterated, Israeli forces “operate within the laws of armed conflict”. Hamas rejects reconstruction: “We are ready to start a new truce to complete the dossier on civilian prisoners.” On the day of the end of the 7-day ceasefire between Israel and Hamas and the resumption of fighting in Gaza, the leader of the terrorist organization Khalil Al-Hayya in an interview with Al-Jazeera satellite television accuses the Jewish State of having “put maliciously names female soldiers on the civilian exchange list.” “We were in contact with the mediators (Qatari and Egyptians, ed.) until this morning, but negotiations on a truce were interrupted when the bombings began”, explains the Hamas leader. The Gaza Strip’s Ministry of Health, controlled by Hamas, reports that 109 people have been killed since attacks resumed. But according to Qatar “negotiations continue between the two parties with the aim of returning to a state of pause” in hostilities and confirms the commitment, “with mediation partners, to continue the efforts that led to the humanitarian pause”.

Meanwhile, the British newspaper Financial Times writes that “Israel is planning a campaign against Hamas that will last a year or more, with the most intense phase of the ground offensive continuing until early 2024, according to some sources.” The FT also explains that the objectives include the assassination of the three main Hamas leaders – Yahya Sinwar, Mohammed Deif and Marwan Issa, a “decisive” military victory and the destruction of Gaza’s network of underground tunnels.

Source: IL Tempo