They kill a man on the terrace of a house in the Rebolo district

On Friday, December 1, at 4:30 p.m., criminals on motorcycles attacked the humanity of Brayan Luis Pérez Sandoval, 35 years old, while he was sitting on a terrace of a house on street 26 with Carrera 28, in the Rebolo neighborhood.

Witnesses indicated that the victim suffered at least four gunshot wounds and collapsed on the ground without any form of response.

Observing the escape of the subjects, people on the scene helped Pérez Sandoval and took him to the General Hospital, where they finally confirmed his death.

The Metropolitan Police of Barranquilla specified that upon verification when comparing the identity document number of the deceased with the database of the Oral and Accusatory Penal System, SPOA, a measure of house arrest was found for the crime of production, trafficking and carrying of weapons. of fire and theft, with process no. 2016-00463.

Source: El heraldo