Cop28, Pope Francis’ proposal: “How to use money from weapons”

The Pope, in the message written for COP28 on climate in Dubai read by Cardinal Pietro Parolin, relaunches the proposal contained in the Encyclical Fratelli tutti: «With the money that is used for weapons and other military expenses we constitute a global fund to finally eliminate hunger”.

«The crazy climate sounds like a warning to end this delusion of omnipotence. Let us once again recognize, with humility and courage, our limits as the only way to live fully. What prevents this path? – asks the Pontiff – The divisions that exist between us. But a completely connected world, like today’s, cannot be disconnected from those who govern it, with international negotiations “not being able to advance significantly due to the positions of countries that privilege their own national interests to the detriment of the global common good. We are witnessing rigid, if not inflexible, positions that tend to protect their own revenues and those of their companies, sometimes justifying themselves based on what others have done in the past, with periodic highlights of responsibility. But the task we are called to What we do today is not in relation to yesterday, but in relation to tomorrow; a tomorrow that, whether we like it or not, will belong to everyone or not at all.”

Source: IL Tempo