Police arrest nine alleged members of the ‘Los Falsetes’ gang

Uniforms of the Metropolitan Police of Barranquilla, affiliated with the Sijín, arrested nine people, including men and women, accused of being part of a gang engaged in drug trafficking in neighborhoods of the capital’s metropolitan city.

The authority indicated on Saturday, December 2, that seven search and search procedures have been carried out in the neighborhoods of Carrizal, Las Américas and Ciudadela 20 de Julio, areas of interference by the members of the group engaged in the trade, production or transportation of narcotics, a crime for which the Public Prosecution Service has prosecuted.

From the results of the operation, the seizure of 279 grams of marijuana, 110 grams of cocabase, 99 grams of bazooka and elements to measure all these substances was achieved.

“With the dismantling of this criminal group, it is possible to eradicate a myth of insecurity that had affected healthy coexistence in the Carrizal, Las Américas and Ciudadela sectors. The case was left at the disposal of the competent authority for the crimes of trafficking, production or possession of narcotic drugs and conspiracy to commit a crime,” the authority said.

Source: El heraldo