Middle East, Netanyahu withdraws negotiators: we will achieve our objectives

A new temporary ceasefire between Israel and Hamas seems increasingly distant, and with it the return home of hostages still held captive in the Gaza Strip since October 7th. The Israeli government, in fact, ordered Mossad to return the team of negotiators that was in Doha, Qatar, because talks with Hamas are “at an impasse”. And as the bombardment of Gaza resumed, the two sides exchanged accusations against each other. “Hamas refuses to release 15 women and two children held hostage,” said Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant. “We only have men and soldiers in our possession,” the head of Hamas’s political office, Saleh al-Arouri, promptly responded.

The representative of the organization that controls the Gaza Strip added that there will be no new release of hostages “without a permanent ceasefire and the release of all Palestinian prisoners”. In an attempt to breathe new life into mediation, Emmanuel Macron is expected to arrive in Qatar. The French president invited Israel to clarify its objectives, as – in his opinion – the destruction of Hamas would lead to “ten years of war”. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, in turn, reiterated that Israel will continue its operation in the Gaza Strip “until all objectives have been achieved”.

With the resumption of hostilities, the number of victims also increased again. According to the latest balance provided by the Strip’s Ministry of Health, 15,200 people have died since October 7, 70% of whom were women and children. Hamas reported the deaths of three hundred Palestinians in an attack on the Shejaiyeh neighborhood in eastern Gaza City, where more than 50 residential buildings were reportedly bombed. The Gaza Ministry of Education announced that among the victims of the Israeli attacks is also Sufian Tayeh, director of the Islamic University of Gaza and internationally renowned researcher in the field of astronomy and astrophysics. The war also regained strength on other fronts, the Lebanese and Syrian, where Israel carried out an air strike near Damascus.

In this regard, Iran announced that two Pasadaran members who – according to Tehran – were in Syria as military advisors – were killed. Finally, the verbal dispute between Israel and Türkiye continued. Ankara leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan said the opportunity to find peace was lost “due to Israel’s uncompromising approach” and that a scenario where the destruction of Hamas was expected was unrealistic. Israeli Foreign Minister Eli Cohen responded ironically that “Hamas terrorists fleeing Gaza” will be “welcome” in Turkey as the Strip will be “liberated” by the Israeli army.

Source: IL Tempo