The army’s strategy against the illegal attack in the south of Bolívar

For approximately 15 consecutive days, elite groups of the National Army in cities in the south of Bolivar seek to limit attacks on the civilian population by illegal armed groups, such as the Erlin Pino Duarte substructure of the Clan del Golfo, led by the alias Chiromoya; He Than led by alias Casinga; Structure 37 of the FARC dissidents, with aka Guaraca and, as if that weren’t enough, common crime.

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This was described in detail by the Commander of the National Army, Major General Luis Mauricio Ospina Gutierrezin the middle of a visit to this journalistic house, during which he also revealed what is the cause of the disputes and what is proposed, on behalf of the police and public prosecutor’s office, with a view to the first quarter of 2024.

The Office of the Ombudsman has warned these days of the displacement of at least 1,400 people who had to flee their homes to avoid dying in the crossfire. This would concern 556 families from the municipalities of Santa Rosa del Sur, Arenal, Morales and Montecristo, who moved to the place known as ‘La Y de San Luquitas’ after the constant fighting.

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The same Ombudsman of the People, Carlos Camargo Assisindicated that what is happening in southern Bolívar is not a new situation, as the serious problem had been warned through “our Early Alerts 018 of 2021 and 034 of 2023.”

“The region the Caribbean is affected by territorial disputes between various criminal groups, such as the FARC dissidents, the THAN and the Gulf Clan. And the clashes are taking place as a result of the dispute and control over illegal economies, such as drug trafficking, very far south of the area, and the illegal exploitation of mining resources,” reiterated the commander of the military organization.

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And immediately afterwards he claimed that some men from the First Army Divisionled by General Roger Gómez, its continued operations to leave these criminal structures without men and without tools.

Source: El heraldo