Pope Francis is calling for a new ceasefire between Israel and the Islamist group Hamas

Pope Francis urged Israel and the Islamist group Hamas to reach a new ceasefire “as soon as possible,” while asking “all involved” in the conflict to seek “brave paths to peace” without resorting to use of weapons.

The Pope, who prayed the Angelus for the second consecutive Sunday at his Casa Santa Marta residence due to the pneumonia he is suffering from, was still unable to read the prayer in its entirety. This was provided by one of his employees, next to whom Francis sat during the prayer

“The situation is serious in Israel and Palestine. It hurts that the truce has been broken, which means death, destruction and misery,” the pope said at the end of the Angelus, according to the text read by one of his aides. pneumonia that forced the pope to pray for the second consecutive Sunday at his home in Casa Santa Marta.

Francis referred to both the Israeli hostages held by Hamas and the people of Gaza suffering under Israeli attacks.

“Many hostages have been released, but many are still in Gaza. Let us think of them and their families, who had seen a light, the hope of being able to embrace their loved ones,” he said, before also stating that “there is so much suffering in Gaza, there is a lack of basic needs.”

“I hope that all involved can reach a new ceasefire agreement as soon as possible and find different solutions regarding weapons, in an effort to follow courageous paths to peace,” he concluded.

Thousands of faithful followed the pope’s words on television on screens in St. Peter’s Square, the usual place where the pope prayed the Angelus.

Source: El heraldo