Middle East, ground operation initiated. Netanyahu threatens Hamas

A new phase of the war has opened in the Gaza Strip. The Israel Defense Forces (IDF), in fact, began a ground operation in the south of the Palestinian enclave. According to Israeli media, armored vehicles and tanks in the northern part of Khan Younis began attacking Hamas targets. IDF Chief of Staff Lieutenant General Herzi Halevi confirmed that the army is beginning to operate in the southern Gaza Strip. The Times of Israel reports this. The operation – he explains – «will not be less powerful» than those in the North of the Strip «and will not have inferior results. Hamas commanders will meet the IDF everywhere. We have the ability to do it in the most complete and thorough manner.”

“We continue to talk to our enemy about the possibility of continuing to release the hostages – we are talking with fire.” This was declared by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, while the IDF announced the start of the ground operation also in the southern part of Gaza. In a speech before members of his Likud party, Netanyahu – quoted by the Times of Israel – said that the war cabinet acts “quickly, but not recklessly” in decisions about fighting, stressing that the IDF’s attention remains high both on the fronts south and north. .

Source: IL Tempo