“Grandma, I’m dying”: the hard story of one of the fire victims

“My grandmother, my grandmother, I’m dying.” Those were the heartbreaking words of Edgar Junior Pacheco Nieto, 25 years old, when 90% of his body was on fire due to the intense flames that consumed much of his home in Soledad. The events left three victims: his mother (Marelvis Rocío); his brother (Jesús Alberto Márquez Nieto) and Adalberto De Jesús Márquez Conrado, her mother’s husband.

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In statements to the media, Cielo Varela, grandmother and mother of the victims, described what those dramatic moments were like. His house is located a few meters from the place where the accident took place, and there the neighbors managed to take their grandchildren, while Marelvis tried to get out of there, but could not. Neither does his partner. They both burned in the house.

Jesús Alberto, 16 years old, died in the clinic due to serious injuries. He suffered burns over almost his entire body. Now Edgar Junior is torn between life and death as 90% of his body is affected.

The community managed to get the Marelvis children out of the house and to their grandmother’s house. There, Mrs. Cielo saw the pain and suffering of her grandchildren. “My grandson told me, ‘my grandmother, my grandmother, I’m dying, my grandmother, I’m dying, I’m dying, grandmother,’” she said through tears.

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He said his daughter’s partner tried to leave but died on the terrace of the house.

The neighbors are shocked by what happened. Some claim that the fire was caused by a short circuit, but for now the authorities have not released an official report.

At around 3:45 in the morning, firefighters managed to extinguish the fire and went to inform the police of the location of the victims’ bodies.

Source: El heraldo