Red Sea, American ship shoots down Yemen drones: winds of war

An American destroyer has shot down several drones while assisting commercial ships in the Red Sea targeted by attacks from Yemen. The statement was made by the United States Central Command (Centcom), explaining that today “there were four attacks against three different commercial ships operating in international waters in the southern Red Sea”. “The Arleigh-Burke-class destroyer USS Carney responded to the ships’ distress calls and provided assistance” and shot down three drones heading toward the warship during the day, it said in a statement.

Carney responded to drones and missiles launched from Yemen. The Pentagon specified that the destroyer intervened to rescue two merchant ships sailing in the Red Sea, off the Yemeni port of Hodeidah, and which were both damaged by drone attacks. One of the two ships hit belongs to a British company owned by Danny Ungar, son of Israeli shipping magnate Rami Ungar. Yemen’s Iran-backed Houthi rebels claimed responsibility for missile and drone attacks on the Unity Explorer and Number 9 cargo ships as they transited the Red Sea, the scene of rising tensions as a result of the war in Gaza between Hamas and Israel. . The Houthis’ military spokesman, Yahya Sarea, stressed that the insurgents “conducted an operation against two Israeli ships”, which occurred “after the ships rejected warning messages”.

Meanwhile, the Italian hospital ship “Vulcano” docked in Egypt yesterday and is now operational. The first Palestinian child embarked to receive the necessary care. «Images of hope and humanity that make us proud of what Defense does every day in the service of the community», explained the Minister of Defense, Guido Crosetto.

Source: IL Tempo