Gaza, RAF aircraft flying over the Strip: hostage hunt begins

RAF aircraft began carrying out reconnaissance flights in search of hostage locations in the Gaza Strip. This was reported by SkyNews, according to which analysis of flight data shows that two Shadow R1s took off from Akrotiri air base in Cyprus, and that the two aircraft were ‘visible’ on the ‘Flightradar24’ website and then ‘disappeared’ when approached Gaza.

The United Kingdom announced on Saturday that it would carry out reconnaissance flights over Israel and Gaza to take part in efforts to rescue hostages held in the Strip since the deadly October 7 attack on Israel by Hamas terrorists. The Ministry of Defense in London reported “unarmed” aircraft, which “will not have a combat role and will have the exclusive function of locating hostages”. Only information relating to the release of the hostages will be forwarded to the appropriate authorities.” Five British citizens were reported missing following the Hamas attack and, according to the British government, a further 12 British citizens were killed in the attack.

Source: IL Tempo