United Kingdom, “wants to replace Carlo immediately”. The bombshell about Prince William

If it were up to him, he would take his father’s place to this day. Prince William is indeed getting “impatient to replace” King Charles. Word from royal expert Omid Scobie, who in his bombshell book ‘Endgame’ reveals just how much the British sovereign’s first-born son is upstaging his parents in a calculated attempt to take control of the monarch soon. The author provides several examples of his thesis, starting with King Charles’ notable absence from the recent Earthshot Awards, his son’s environmental initiative. The reason for leaving it aside? According to William, his father would not be able to sympathize with his younger subjects. Royal expert Clive Irving – writes the Express – explained that “people under 40 don’t think the monarchy is very important or that it has a role in their lives”. And the Prince of Wales understands well that the future of the kingdom is at stake.

“There is a great sense that William understands the climate and the local reality much more than Charles ever will. While Queen Elizabeth was able to play a role in people’s everyday lives and, whatever she did, was an accepted piece of state furniture, Charles was unable to make that breakthrough – argues Irving – and William can no longer turn a blind eye to the king’s shortcomings. and your hands itch. Does he know all this and has to wait until he’s 50 to come out? It would be truly absurd.” The royal family is a constant hustle and bustle.

Source: IL Tempo