Israel, the Kfir Brigade arrives in Gaza: who are the Jewish super soldiers

The Israeli Army deployed the “Kfir Brigade” in the Gaza Strip, founded in 2005 and which since then had never participated in operations by Israeli forces in the Palestinian enclave. The Brigade, specialized in the fight against terrorism and combat in urban areas, is engaged – according to a statement from the Israeli military – in operations to “locate the tunnels” used by Hamas and “destroy” the group after the terrible attack in October. 7 in Israel.

Kfir Brigade soldiers are employed in conjunction with the “engineers, armored forces and artillery” operating in the northern Gaza Strip to “defeat the enemy and carry out additional tasks designed to allow the Israel Defense Forces to continue maneuvers.” in the area. So far, according to reports, the Brigade’s soldiers have identified “more than 30 tunnels” and “directed” around a hundred artillery attacks, “destroying” Hamas targets. With these soldiers, after the resumption of hostilities and the end of the truce, Israel wants to deal the final blow to the terrorists.

Source: IL Tempo