Judge orders prison sentence for alleged perpetrator of murder of shopkeeper in La Chinita

A Guarantee Control judge ordered the transfer to prison of Dayan de Jesús Nieto Rodríguez, who was arrested by the National Police during a search in Calamar, Bolívar, and accused by the Public Prosecutor’s Office of being the material author of Johan’s murder are. Rico Villa, 49 years old, a shopkeeper who had his business in the La Chinita district, in the southeast of Barranquilla.

The criminal attack was committed on September 6, and from that moment on, investigative work began to determine the whereabouts of the subject, including analysis of video cameras, interrogations of people and analysis of other elements found at the crime scene.

In this sense, the Public Prosecutor’s Office has indicted Nieto Rodríguez as the alleged perpetrator of the crimes of aggravated murder and aggravated illegal possession of firearms.

Nieto Rodríguez, who hands over citations for the crime of illegal possession of firearms, will be transferred to El Bosque prison to comply with the security measure.

Source: El heraldo