The Public Prosecution Service intervenes in a fire in Soledad’s house that left four dead

This medium learned that the Atlantic department of the Public Prosecution Service is awaiting the death sentences of the IInstitute for Legal Medicine of the four members of the Marquez Nieto family who died after a fire in the house located in the El Cortijo neighborhood, Soledad.

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In addition, the entity is awaiting a report on its response to the emergency Soledad Volunteer Fire Department. According to the investigating agency, this will be done to determine what actually caused the fire in the house located at No. 22-99 25th Street.

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It was learned that the bodies of the first three victims entered the agency’s headquarters on the same Sunday morning and were recorded as “violent accidental deaths”, as a result of the fire apparently caused by a short circuit into a power connection. However, according to sources consulted, investigators continue to ask some questions about the case. One of these is to determine whether the fire was intentional.

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On Monday morning, around 3:00 am, the death of Édgar Junior Pacheco Nieto, the 25-year-old young man who remained hospitalized at the Universidad del Norte Hospital and was the only survivor of the fire in his house, recorded this Sunday between The Ferrocarril and El Cortijo districtsonly.

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The young man was torn between life and death due to burns all over his body. Information about his death had even emerged that same Sunday afternoon, but spokespeople for the care center denied this in a statement.

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Édgar Junior is the fourth victim of this tragedy who mourns two people today neighborhoods of the municipality of Soledeño. Let us not forget that in the event that his parents Adalberto de Jesús Márquez Conrado, 58 years old, and Marelvis Rocío Nieto Varela, 46 years old, had already lost their lives, as well as his younger brother Jesús Alberto Márquez Nieto, only 16 years old . .

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Source: El heraldo