France alarmed, the aggressor: “I heard the voices of the Bataclan jihadists”

Armand, the Islamic radical who killed a young German tourist on Saturday night and injured two other people near the Eiffel Tower in Paris in 2019 – while in prison – told a prison guard that he had heard “the voice of the jihadists from Bataclan”. who asked him “to act”. Bfmtv reports, specifying that it consulted an official report from which emerge the disturbing comments made by the Frenchman of Iranian origin, who was arrested for a frustrated attack in La Defense. In July 2019, the broadcaster reports, the attacker told a guard during dinner distribution: “Guard, something bad is going through my head. I hear the voices of all the people arrested for terrorism. I even hear the voice of the Bataclan jihadists asking me to act. I’m lost and I don’t know who I am anymore.”

Rajabpour-Miyandoab added that he wanted to “slit his parents’ throats” when he was released from prison: “My release date is close and I don’t know where I am. I will end up taking action.” Following this incident, the prison director asked that a very strict protocol be adopted against him “taking into account the potential aggressive behavior of the person concerned” and the “risk that he would commit a violent act against employees or third parties”. It was agreed that his cell would be opened in the presence of a police officer and two agents, equipped with knife-proof vests.

This episode, according to Bfmtv, partly explains why control over the main suspect in the Paris attack was tightened until the end of his parole and why administrative surveillance continued after March 2023. Meanwhile, investigations continue and aim to establish Rajabpour- The mental health of Miyandoab. Saturday’s attack “is as much about radical Islam as it is about mental illness; I want to tell French citizens that there are several cases like this”, explained French Interior Minister Gerald Darmianin, according to whom around a third of radicalized people under surveillance suffer from psychiatric problems. Darmianin made it clear that the attacker’s conditions were probably underestimated given that, he stressed, “the doctors on several occasions said that he was better and that he could continue his life normally”.

Source: IL Tempo