Pedro Castillo Calls for Support for the Chemical Castration Act of Abusers

Pedro Castillo Calls for Support for the Chemical Castration Act of Abusers

Peruvian President Pedro Castillo asked Congress to ‘support’ the law Chemical castration for juvenile offenders Arguing that this expression is “popular noise”.

“This proposal will be formalized in the coming days, we hope for the support of Congress and that it does not turn its back on the popular noise,” said Castillo, arguing that The government’s job is to “protect and preserve life in Peru”. Above “any political interest or calculation”.

The president stressed that as a result of political mismanagement, Peru is facing years of poverty, inequality, corruption, drugs and sexual violence against women and minors, according to Peruvian radio RPP.

At this point, the president said his administration was working to solve these “serious problems” and showed His strong condemnation and rejection of those who attack and insult minors† He therefore stressed that appropriate political measures will be taken to prevent and eliminate violence in this regard.

The Peruvian government announced two days ago a proposal to pass a law allowing chemical castration for juvenile offenders, adolescents and women. The kidnapping and rape of a three-year-old girl How shocked the country.

Enough of so much violence, crimes of sexual assault against children that this government will not tolerate nor go unpunished. The pain of this family is ours too, I feel outraged at such cruelty,” Castillo said at the time.

In order to implement the proposal and legalize this type of punishment, the bailiff needs the approval of the Republican Congress, for which he has the support of parliamentarians. Castillo based part of his support for the law on the fact that the measure is already legal in Russia, the United States (where seven states allow it), Poland, South Korea, Indonesia and Moldova, among others.

The Ombudsman, in turn, qualified the proposal as such. “Ineffective” and reminded that Peru already has “maximum fines”, such as life imprisonment and which unfortunately the aggressors could not stop. For example, they commit themselves from the body to other decisions regarding sex education through a gender approach. “We must provide appropriate educational tools so that no boy or girl is offended,” they said.

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Source: La Neta Neta