Hamas, detailed map compiled by a spy appears: “Insider knowledge”

Among Hamas’ detailed plans for the October 7 attack, the army found a map of a military base that was almost certainly compiled by a spy. The Guardian reported this, citing an Israeli intelligence source. The base map – said the source – is much “more detailed than would have been requested by the army itself”. “The compilation of such a map – he explained – could only have been done using ‘insider knowledge’: almost certainly a Hamas spy.” Meanwhile, the Israel Defense Forces launched airstrikes in the early hours of today against the city of Jabalia, in the north of the Gaza Strip. The Jerusalem Post reports this. According to the Israeli newspaper, the army also completed “another phase of the land maneuver towards Khan Yunis, paying special attention to the main road that goes from the fields to the city center”.

The Iranian ambassador to the UN, Saeed Iravani, rejected the British representative’s accusations that Tehran has a role in the Palestinian crisis through its regional representatives. At a Security Council meeting on 29 November, the UK representative attempted to blame Iran for the Gaza crisis. “London ignores its great role and responsibility in relation to the current situation in the Middle East, as well as its destabilizing policies that have led to the suffering of Palestinians,” Iravani said last night. According to state television, Iran’s top diplomat criticized the United Kingdom for “continuously supporting Israel’s crimes of genocide and aggression against Palestinians and countries in the region”.

Source: IL Tempo