The city changes street names. For feminist saints

Barcelona authorities have agreed to change the names of streets in the Catalan capital and remove the names of saints. Their place will be taken by the names of feminist activists.

The names of the saints’ streets will disappear from Barcelona: Rafał, Magdalena, Agata and Róża. This is the decision of the left-wing authorities of the capital of Catalonia.

Street names. Feminists for saints

As a result of the plan approved at the end of November, the changes will affect several streets. For example, Sint-Raphaëlstraat will be renamed the street of feminist activist Maria Casas Mira, and Sint-Magdalenastraat will be renamed the street of Magdalena E. Blanc.

Streets will also be dedicated to women’s rights activists Agata Badia Puig-rodon and Rosie Puig-rodon Pla. To make room for them, the current traditional names Saint Agatha and Saint Rose will be removed.

The inclusiveness of Barcelona

Jaume Colboni of the Socialist Party of Catalonia became president of Barcelona’s city council in July. The justification given by the authors of the changes and Barcelona City Hall shows that the name change is intended to lead to greater inclusiveness of the capital of Catalonia and to emphasize the secular character of the city.

The previous president, Alberto Fernández Díaz, does not support the idea of ​​changing the traditional names of streets that have had them for more than 150 years. In turn, the chairman of the city group of the right-wing group Vox, Gonzalo de Oro, said that in this way “the tradition of the city is being destroyed.”

Source: Do Rzeczy