Two civilians for every Hamas terrorist killed in Gaza, “extraordinarily positive” for Israel

During Israel’s military operation in the Gaza Strip, two Palestinian civilians were killed for every Hamas militant. According to the IDF spokesman for the Israeli armed forces, the report is “extraordinarily positive” in terms of the context in which the battle took place.

As the press agency first reported, the estimate of civilian victims appeared in the last few hours and will be the result of a calculation prepared by the Tel Aviv military itself. Amnesty. Interviewed by CNN, IDF lieutenant colonel Jonathan Conricus confirmed the estimate, adding: “If our numbers are confirmed, if we compare this ratio (the ratio between civilian and Hamas casualties), ed., to any other conflict in context between a military organization and Hamas,” including children “You will see that this rate of a terrorist organization using civilians as human shields is extraordinary, extraordinarily positive and perhaps unique in the world.”

Last Saturday, Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant told reporters that the army had killed “thousands of terrorists”, but without giving an exact figure and without specifying the total number of dead since the beginning of the conflict. Additionally, the IDF estimates it has eliminated around 5,000 Hamas members, according to AFP. Gaza Ministry of Health announced that approximately 16,000 Palestinians were killed as a result of Israeli attacks, and that no distinction was made between civilians and militants.

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Source: Today IT