Hamas, that’s why they don’t want to release the other women hostages

Hamas does not want to release the other women it has kidnapped since October 7 in the attack on Israel for fear that they will report cases of rape by militiamen. The news was announced by US State Department spokesman Matthew Miller: “The reason this humanitarian pause failed is that they don’t want these women to be able to talk about what happened during their time in captivity.”

Miller explained that he had no reason to doubt the information regarding violations committed by Hamas, stressing that the militants had committed “all types of atrocities” since October 7. “The humanitarian pause, which led to the release of the hostages, was negotiated in very clear terms and provided for the release of women and children to be a priority. Toward the end of the truce, Hamas continued to detain women who were scheduled for release. They broke the agreement, they made excuses to justify themselves”, added the US official, who concluded his press conference with this: “None of these excuses were credible, but certainly one of the reasons why many people believe they refused to release Theirs is that they didn’t want anyone to hear what these women had to say publicly.”

Source: IL Tempo