Squalo knocks the woman off the table and kills her. The victim had gotten married the day before

He was paddling when a shark first hit the board he was surfing, causing it to fall into the sea, and then attacked him. A 44-year-old woman from Boston, USA, was killed in the Bahamas yesterday (Monday, December 4), the day after her wedding. Preliminary indications are that the victim may have been with her new husband, with whom she was rowing at the five-star Shoestring Royal Bahamian resort, when she was attacked by the animal.

A lifeguard from the resort took the man and woman to shore before administering first aid, but unfortunately there was nothing that could be done for the woman. The paddle board was photographed floating in the water. The victim reportedly suffered horrific injuries to the right side of his body and attempts to resuscitate him with cardiopulmonary resuscitation were sadly unsuccessful. Another guest of the facility, which costs $1,500 per night, said that the blood-curdling screams of the attacked woman could be heard from the beach.

Royal Bahamian Police sergeant Desiree Ferguson told reporters: “Preliminary information is that the woman was paddle boarding with a male relative out back of a resort in Western New Providence, approximately 3/4 mile from shore. They arrived at the scene when she was bitten by the shark.” The lifeguard on duty set out with the rescue boat, rescued the victim and his male relative and took them to a safe place. CPR was performed on the victim. However, the woman experienced serious pain. There are wounds on the right side of her body. Emergency medical teams came to the scene, evaluated the victim comprehensively and He stated that he did not show any vital signs.”

Photos and videos shared later showed the victim’s covered body being carried to the beach on a stretcher and then loaded into an ambulance.

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