Israel, spies helped Hamas in October 7th attack: photos and maps

Hamas planned the massive October 7 attack for years, drawing up detailed maps with the help of spies inside Israel. This is what the Israeli armed forces concluded after examining a large number of phones, notebooks and documents seized from terrorists, both on the battlefield and in Gaza. Among the documents recovered was a very detailed map of an Israeli military base that could not have been compiled without “insider knowledge”, almost certainly from a Hamas spy, a Jewish state intelligence source said, cited by the Guardian.

On the battlefield, Israel opens a new southern front in its incursion into Gaza, but remains far from achieving its declared military objective: the total destruction of Hamas. This is explained by an article from the ‘Washington Post’, which analyzed the scenario taking into account 4 main fronts: territories, soldiers, tunnels and missiles. According to Israeli security officials, at least 5,000 Hamas militants were killed, leaving the majority of its military wing, estimated at 30,000 men, intact. Israeli officials spoke to The Washington Post on condition of anonymity to discuss ongoing military operations and details that have not been released. Operations in the north would be far from over. Although much of Gaza City has been leveled by airstrikes, ground forces have not yet entered some of Hamas’ key strongholds. “It will be a long job,” said Lt. Col. Richard Hecht, a spokesman for the Israeli army, “we need time.” International pressure to minimize civilian deaths could influence the pace of operations in the south, as Israel seeks to maintain the support of its main backer, the United States.

Source: IL Tempo