Five questions about Ukrainian refugees in the Netherlands –

Five questions about Ukrainian refugees in the Netherlands –

Efforts are underway to provide emergency shelter to Ukrainian refugees. Prime Minister Rutte said this morning that the cabinet is considering a larger flow of refugees from Ukraine. It is not yet known who will coordinate this. Ukrainians do not have to apply for asylum because of their European status, they can still stay here. The reception of asylum seekers therefore does not fall under the responsibility of the Central Office. Now security zones and municipalities are attacked first.

1: Are refugees from Ukraine coming here?

So far, 235 people have arrived at the national asylum center in Ter Apel. The Immigration and Naturalization Service does not know how many of them came directly from Ukraine and how many are currently in the Netherlands. It is also not known how many Ukrainians arrived here without informing Ter Apel. There are occasional articles about it. For example, 50 Ukrainians will come to Waddinxveen tomorrow morning. It has been collected by people from this municipality because they have connections with the village of Reya.

2: How many refugees can we expect?

It’s still not a logical explanation, but the numbers could be high. The UN estimates that up to five million Ukrainians will eventually flee, most of whom will go to Poland. According to the international refugee organization UNHCR, 1 million Ukrainians have been displaced so far. The number of arrivals in the Netherlands depends, among other things, on agreements made about the distribution of refugees.

3: Where can they go now in the Netherlands?

There is no national coordination yet, but Ukrainians are advised to report to their municipality. They are expected to seek refuge with their families first. If the police find people at the border, they are sent back to Amsterdam, where 80 people can go to the barracks, and to Harskamp, ​​where 800 people can go to the barracks. In the meantime, several large-scale emergency shelters are being sought.

The reception center for Dutch asylum seekers was without beds for months. Where exactly did it go wrong and how did it get there?

Source: NOS