Palestinians leave prisons amid abuse; Spain wants to change the constitution; and more | Front pages of the world December 5, 2023

This is what will be highlighted on the front pages of the international media on Tuesday, December 5, 2023.

Israeli soldiers near a major city in the south of the Gaza Strip

Desperate residents. Many residents of Khan Younis see no way out as attacks on Hamas spread

Palestinians leave Israeli prisons with stories of abuse

Several detainees exchanged for hostages reported hardship and, in some cases, physical abuse after October 7.

Two in three Spaniards are in favor of constitutional changes

Abolition of preferential treatment for men in the Crown, the most widely supported reform

The Guardian / United Kingdom

The Sellafield nuclear power plant was hacked by groups linked to Russia and China

Exclusive. Sensitive data is feared to have been accessed in attacks first revealed in 2015

Despite Javier Milei’s promises, the powers of his deputy, Victoria Villarruel, were completely limited. After supposedly being responsible for the future government’s army and police, she will ring the bell of the Senate alone. The big beneficiary is Patrícia Bullrich, who remained in security and now placed her deputy, Luis Petri, on defense

Agreements: Montes asks the PS leader to resign, but does not take away the criticism due to ‘omission’.

Impact of the revelation by former Seremi Carios Contreras, who sent a report on Living Democracy to the authorities

Prison sentences for roadblocks will be increased to 15 years

The executive approves a decree that changes the legislation

Source: La Neta Neta