Juanita Castro, sister of Fidel Castro, dies in Miami at the age of 90

Joana CastroSister of the late Cuban leader Fidel Castro and exiled since the 1960s, died this Monday at the age of 90 in a Miami hospital. reported journalist María Antonieta Collins, co-author of his memoir.

“Today Juanita Castro, an extraordinary woman, preceded us on the path of life and death. tireless fighter for the cause of her Cuba, which she loved so much,” Collins posted on her Instagram account.

Juanita Castro was very critical of the regime led by her brothers, first Fidel Castro (1926-2016) and then Raúl, 92 years old, and always showed her political differences with the government of Havana.

Collins was the author of Sister Castro’s memoir. He left Cuba in 1964 after breaking up with him.

The journalist, who gave no further details about the causes of death, demanded on behalf of her sister Emma and her family: “Privacy at this painful time.”

“There will be no interviews and in accordance with his wishes his funeral will take place privately. We ask for your prayers for the eternal repose of his soul,” he added.

A few years after the triumph of the Cuban Revolution, Juanita Castro left the island for Mexico and a few months later went into exile in the USA, whose citizenship he received in 1984.

In South Florida she developed a life as a businesswoman and was an activist against the Castro regime for many years.

A year ago, since his exile in Miami, he said he had spent decades dealing with the Cuban system and those who are part of it. “In exile, they did not unjustly forgive” that their surname was Castro Ruz and that they were “relentlessly attacked.”

She always showed her political differences with the regime in Havana and although she mourned the death of Fidel Castro in 2016, he said he did not plan to attend the funeral.

He later said in an interview with the Spanish network Univision that the two “had been separated for years for political reasons”, but that’s how it happened. Feelings and family ties were maintained “with great pain”. Yours.

According to a biographical report on the Telemundo channel, the fourth of the Castro-Ruz brothers was born on May 6, 1933. She studied business administration at the Las Ursulinas nun school in Havana and returned to her birthplace Birán, which today is the province of Holguín, where the Juanita cinema opened.

He supported the revolution against Fulgêncio Batista and the triumph of the uprising, but soon had disagreements with his brother Fidel, due to the beginning of the political persecution of those who disagreed with the ideology of the communist regime.

Juanita Castro’s contacts with the CIA began in June 1961, during a trip to Mexico to visit her sister Emma. He then bought an apartment in Havana, where he hid politically persecuted people, and also helped nuns who were expelled from the island, Telemundo reported.

After joining the opposition group Cuban Catholic Action in 1964, Raúl Castro showed him a dossier detailing all his conspiratorial activities and decided to seek refuge in Mexico, according to his memoirs.

While in exile in Miami, he opened a pharmacy in 1973. He continued this until December 2006, when he sold his company to the CVS retail chain.

She has lived far away from media attention in recent years. at his home in the Coral Gables neighborhood of South Florida.

Fidel Castro’s father, Ángel Castro Argiz, had seven children with Lina Ruz: Angelita (1923), Ramón (1924), Fidel (1926), Raúl (1931), Juanita (1933), Emma (1935), who apparently lives in Mexico and Agostina (1938).

Source: La Neta Neta