The British winter aid package for Ukraine. We know the details

British Foreign Secretary David Cameron has announced a new winter humanitarian aid package to Ukraine worth almost £37 million.

The statement published by the British government shows that David Cameron, on the eve of his first visit to the United States as Foreign Secretary, has announced a new winter package of humanitarian aid to Ukraine. This package is worth £29 million, with a further £7.75 million for humanitarian action to meet the needs of the most vulnerable in Ukraine.

“The financial allocation is part of the total £127 million in humanitarian support provided by Britain to Ukraine and the region over 2023-2024, as announced at the Ukraine Reconstruction Conference in June,” the report said.

Britain’s total military, humanitarian and economic support to Ukraine currently stands at £9.3 billion, the British government said.

US: Ultimatum for Biden on Ukraine

Meanwhile, in the United States, there is an ongoing discussion about financial aid to Kiev. The Speaker of the House of Representatives has set the condition under which Republicans will allow President Joe Biden to help Ukraine. In a December 5 letter to White House President Shalanda Young, Johnson warned that he would not support further military aid to Ukraine unless the Biden administration agreed to strengthen security at the border with Mexico.

Let’s not forget that President Joe Biden’s administration asked Congress in October to allocate $106 billion in aid to Ukraine and Israel and to ensure the security of the southern U.S. border, which is under pressure from African and Asian migrants. to increase. Most of the package would be spent on aid to Ukraine.

Johnson did not mention specific demands in the letter, but referred to the Border Security Act, which calls for rebuilding the border wall, one of Donald Trump’s key campaign promises. So far, Democratic members of Congress and the Biden administration have opposed it.

“Additional funding for Ukraine is contingent on the adoption of transformative changes to our country’s border security regulations. (…) We are ready and willing to cooperate with the government [Bidena – przyp. red.] on a credible package of border security measures that will protect the interests of the American people,” Johnson’s statement said.

Source: Do Rzeczy