Sentenced to bankruptcy: Danilo Coppola arrested in Abu Dhabi

Roman real estate developer Danilo Coppola was arrested in Abu Dhabi. Coppola, who was sentenced to 7 years in prison for the collapse of Gruppo Immobiliare 2004, Mib Prima and Porta Vittoria, has been on the run since July last year. In September 2022, the Milan Public Prosecutor’s Office issued an international arrest warrant for Coppola, who operated together with Stefano Ricucci and Giuseppe Statuto between 2004 and 2006, later dubbed the “smart men of the neighborhood”. After the sentence, Coppola disappeared, with his inactivity ending today after more than a year. Following the prison sentence decision, in which the sentence was calculated as 6 years, 2 months and 12 days (the so-called ‘previously served’ sentence was increased from 7 years) and the “futile search” report, Italian prosecutor Adriana Blasco in the region signed the international arrest warrant.

After a year of searching, investigators managed to locate Coppola, who spent his time hiding in the Emirates: The arrest will be followed by an extradition request to Italy. Coppola had been in Switzerland before traveling to the United Arab Emirates (apparently having recently returned there due to a health issue) and Swiss authorities had refused to have her extradited to Italy on a prison detention order in another attempted extortion case. Prelios case. The real estate developer, among other things, for months published videos generally on his social channels attacking the Rome and Milan judges investigating him, always declaring himself “innocent”. Coppola is also currently under investigation by the Milan prosecutor’s office for an attempted extortion of the company that owns the Porta Vittoria area.

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Source: Today IT