“First there will be married priests, then the diaconate for women.” Shocking words from the bishop

Bishop Erwin Kräutler, the main architect of the Amazon Synod and supporter of the ordination of women to the priesthood, was shocked by his views on future changes in the Church.

In an interview for the Swiss website kath.ch, 84-year-old Kräutler referred to the possibility that the Catholic Church would officially allow the ordination of women and the ordination of married men as priests (viri probati).

Shocking opinion

Asked when this change in the Church might take place, the retired bishop replied: “As a young man I lived through the Second Vatican Council. It was a spring for the Church. This spring is needed again.”

– Maybe the next Pope will be able to do this – he added. The hierarch believes that the Church can no longer return to the state before Pope Francis’ pontificate, and that the changes initiated by him must be implemented. Nevertheless, Bishop Kräutler is disappointed with the Holy Father’s attitude and his inability to implement his proposal of viri probati and the ordination of women.

– The bishop, with an otherwise quite traditional approach, said to me: “I have four married men that I can ordain immediately.” Therefore, I do not understand why none of our demands have been met,” the Austrian priest said.

Kräutler noted that Francis “raises great hopes” but then fails by not making changes in church doctrine that “progressive” priests count on.

When asked when there would be married priests and deaconesses in the Church, Kräutler replied that “first there will be married priests, then the diaconate for women,” and that the next stage will be the ordination of women as priests. Pope John Paul II taught that women cannot be priests. Kräutler stated: “Unfortunately, the Polish Pope did not realize that women today occupy a very different position.”

– In the past, women did not even study theology. Today the world looks different. We need women – also in ministry. It is unacceptable for very old men to create a women’s theology, he said.

Source: Do Rzeczy