Rome: Thanksgiving concert for the beatification of the Ulma family

A concert of “Psalms of Peace and Thanksgiving” took place in Rome yesterday in thanksgiving for the beatification of the family of Józef and Wiktoria Ulma and their seven children, who were murdered by German Nazis for saving Jews.

At the beginning of the concert, the Polish Ambassador to Italy, Anna Anders, pointed out that “the attitude of the Ulma family is an example of Jewish-Christian relations, it shows the close connection between Poland and the Catholic and Mosaic faith during the World War. II, and also emphasizes how important the issue of peace between nations is.” She added that this is especially important in the context of the war in Ukraine and “Israel’s war against the terrorist organization Hamas”, hence the need for international efforts to achieve peace.

– Let not the world be destroyed by wars, let there be peace among you – these words of one of the presented songs were indicated by Bogdan Romaniuk, Chairman of the Ulma Family SOAR Foundation, organizer of the event, as the motto of the concert .

The following people performed for the audience at the Auditorium Conciliazione in the Vatican: the Orchestra and Choir of the Opera and the Philharmonic Orchestra of Podlasie and the Philharmonic Orchestra of Białystok, Golec uOrkiestra and Ricky Lion, Maria Coman, Izabela Szafrańska, Małgorzata Markiewicz , Alicja Węgorzewska-Whiskerd, Klaudia Majkowska, Andrzej Lampert, Grzegorz Wilk. Yaakov Lemmer, the cantor of the New York synagogue, the Hasidic singer Shulem Lemmer from New York and the Israeli pianist Menachem Bristowski also performed.

The Ulmas are the patrons of Podkarpacie

In an interview with Vatican Radio – Vatican News, the Deputy Marshal of Podkarpackie Voivodeship, Piotr Pilch, emphasized that efforts will be made to ensure that the Ulma family patronizes Podkarpacie. In addition, the airport in Rzeszów-Jasionka will be named after them. He recalled that the Polish Parliament declared 2024 the Year of the Ulma Family, on the 80th anniversary of their martyrdom. He added that he was very happy to hear that Józef Ulma was considered the patron saint of photographers. – Photographers have no patron, and he would be a wonderful patron. From his photos we learn about the life of the family and the local community, he emphasized.

The concert was a Roman thanksgiving for the beatification of Józef and Wiktoria Ulma, performed by Cardinal on behalf of Pope Francis. Marcello Semeraro September 10 this year in Markowa in Podkarpacie.

Source: Do Rzeczy