Erdogan’s ally sets conditions if he can vote for Sweden in NATO

Türkiye could soon support Sweden’s accession to NATO. However, the conditions of one of the most important Turkish politicians seem unaffordable.

“We will vote in Turkey’s Grand National Assembly for Sweden’s accession to NATO if the Alliance recognizes Palestine’s independence, Israel pays reparations and the country’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is brought before an international tribunal,” said Devlet Bahceli, head of the country. of an alliance linked to President Recep, in an interview with “TurkGun” Tayyip Erdogan of the National Action Party.

Erdogan has consistently acted as a champion of the Palestinian cause. The Israeli invasion of the Gaza Strip in response to the Hamas attack on October 7 has sharply deteriorated relations between Israel and Turkey.

Erdogan on Monday again sharply criticized the Israeli authorities, but also the member states of the UN Security Council, for their attitude towards the conflict. During his speech at the meeting of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation in Istanbul, the politician said, among other things, that Prime Minister Netanyahu will be tried as a ‘war criminal’ after the end of the Israeli war with Hamas.

Motion in the Turkish parliament

On November 23, President Erdogan sent a ratification request to parliament regarding Sweden’s accession to NATO. The Turkish president promised to send the ratification request to parliament during the NATO summit in Vilnius in July. Authorities in Stockholm said at the time that they had received assurances from Ankara that ratification would take place. For the time being, it is not known when Turkish parliamentarians will vote on this issue.

In the 600-seat parliament, the National Action Party has 50 seats compared to Recep Erdogan’s party’s 264 votes. If the opposition does not support the motion, the votes of the ruling party’s closest parliamentary ally will be needed to pass the motion.

A dispute about (according to Ankara) terrorists

Sweden submitted its application to join the North Atlantic Alliance together with Finland in May 2022, after Russia attacked Ukraine. Finland joined the pact in April, while Sweden is still waiting for the green light from Turkey and Hungary. The authorities in Stockholm are negotiating about this with Ankara and Budapest.

At the beginning of May this year, Sweden introduced stricter penalties for people involved in terrorism. The amendment is intended to convince Turkey to agree to the Scandinavian country’s accession to NATO. Recall that Turkey accused Sweden of not taking specific steps to tackle groups that the government in Ankara labels as terrorist organizations or considers existential threats. This also applies to Kurdish groups.

Source: Do Rzeczy