More intimidation against Bishop. Strickland? The hierarch speaks

Bishop Joseph Strickland, dismissed by Pope Francis, is said to have been banned from celebrating Holy Mass. in his former diocese. The information was not confirmed.

Retired Bishop Joseph Strickland has been advised to leave his former diocese of Tyler, Texas, but is not banned from celebrating Masses there. The media information that Bishop Strickland was not allowed to hold services in his former diocese was therefore not confirmed.

“I have not received any such instructions,” Strickland wrote via text message Thursday evening in response to a message that he had been banned from celebrating Mass in the Diocese of Tyler. A journalist from the National Catholic Register contacted the hierarch about the alleged ban.

A ban for a dismissed bishop?

Nearly four weeks ago, on November 11, Pope Francis removed Strickland as bishop of the Diocese of Tyler in East Texas. The pope appointed Bishop Joe Vasquez, the pastor of nearby Austin, as interim administrator of the diocese.

– Bishop Vasquez said it would be a good idea to leave the diocese. It was a suggestion, Strickland told NCR. The hierarch, who is currently in retreat, added: “he rules here.”

A National Catholic Register reporter contacted a spokesperson for the Diocese of Tyler on Thursday evening and also sent questions to a spokesperson for the Diocese of Austin on Friday morning. So far he has not received a response.

On Thursday afternoon, reported that Strickland was “barred from celebrating Mass in the Diocese of Tyler, Texas.” The portal’s journalists cited an anonymous source who claims that during a recent meeting of diocese employees, it was stated that “although Strickland can celebrate Holy Mass” in the diocese, he can do it elsewhere.

Bishop Strickland regularly criticized Pope Francis, which many observers believe led to his resignation. He also postponed the implementation of papal restrictions on the Latin Mass. In May, he issued a statement expressing his belief that Francis was the rightful pope, while saying he rejected “his program to undermine the good of the faith.”

Source: Do Rzeczy