Biden attacked Trump: “He is the biggest threat to democracy”

“Donald Trump is the biggest threat to democracy.” Emphasizing the “dangerousness” of the businessman at the election event held in California on Friday evening, American President Joe Biden did not mince his words: “I want to be clear. Donald Trump poses many threats to the country: from the right to vote, to the right to vote, to America’s position in the world. However, “The biggest threat Trump poses is our democracy, because if we lose him, we lose everything.” “Remember January 6,” Biden added, “when Trump became the first defeated presidential candidate to refuse to accept the will of the people.”

The current occupant of the White House then referred to what Trump famously said in the past: “As president, I will not be a dictator…except for the first day.” Echoing this statement, Biden commented: “Thank God, it’s just one day.” A clear “shoulder” considering the presidential elections scheduled for November 5, 2024.

Trump’s response

The former president’s answer did not take long to come. “This is a hoax. Democratic disinformation – Trump commented on CNN – Biden is the real threat to democracy”. “Here we go again – the businessman was accused again – ‘Russia, Russia, Russia’, ‘Mueller, Mueller, Mueller’, ‘Ukraine, Ukraine, Ukraine’. One hoax after another”. “But no, I am not a threat. I will save democracy. These are desperate and shameful attempts to distract from the horrific abuses of power the left is committing before your eyes.”

What do the polls say?

Meanwhile, Donald Trump has surpassed Joe Biden for the first time in predictions for next year’s presidential elections. Support for the incumbent president is at its lowest level since the beginning of his term, according to a Wall Street Journal poll; only 37% and 61% of interviewees view his person overall negatively. Less than 30% of those interviewed have a positive view of “Bidenomics,” the comprehensive economic policy promoted by the President in recent years.

Biden trails Trump by 4 percentage points (43% to 47%) in the two-man race. Trump’s lead would increase to 37 percent to 31 percent, if other candidates were presented who together could get 17 percent of the vote, former Democrat Robert Kennedy, now an independent, would collect 8 percent alone. . Only 23 percent of voters believe Biden’s policies have improved their lives, while 53 percent say they have been harmed by it. While half of voters say the policies Trump implemented while in the White House were beneficial, 37 percent think the opposite.

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Source: Today IT