Biden says Israel is “starting to lose support” over Gaza offensive

“They are starting to lose support,” the Democratic leader said at a private meeting in Washington to raise money for his re-election campaign in next year’s presidential election.

Biden criticized that the current executive branchmost conservative in Israel’s history” and lamented that “he doesn’t want a two-state solution.”

For this reason, the US president believed that Netanyahu had to “change” his government to find a long-term solution to the conflict with the Palestinians, according to CNN.

The United States was the only member of the United Nations Security Council who last week voted against a resolution calling for a ceasefire in the Gaza war, a measure that fell through due to the US veto power in the body.

Joe Biden’s administration has from the start shown its staunch support for Israel to eliminate Hamas and opposes a ceasefire because it believes it would be used by the Palestinian Islamist group to rearm the Jewish state and to attack.

But as civilian casualties from the Gaza bombings have increased, the US has increased its pressure Netanyahu government to try to minimize the deaths of innocent Palestinians.

Biden also opposes the Israeli occupation of the Gaza Strip after the war and is betting that will be the case Palestinian National Authoritywhich currently administers parts of the occupied West Bank, will also take over the enclave’s government.

Netanyahu himself acknowledged on Tuesday that he has differences with his key ally over the future of the Gaza Strip once the conflict ends.

Source: El heraldo