Woman’s body found in Malambo apartment

The Barranquilla Metropolitan Police opened an investigation into the matter which was reported in the early hours of this Wednesday, December 13, by the Bellavista neighborhoodin Malambo, after the find of a woman’s body in an apartment.

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In a brief report, the armed institution indicated that the person has been identified as Adriana Elizabeth Correa Villa26 years old, was found dead and with a “groove of neck pressurecaused with a rope.”

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And then he noticed that the first person entered find her lifeless, around 3:46 a.m., was his partner. According to the authority, this “hanging from a ceiling beam from the living room of the house”, relating the fact to a possible suicide.

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Neighbors of the sector, warned by police patrols Police who arrived at the time to handle the case, said that years ago a person at the same address at 1C Sur and 8th Street He had taken his own life in the same way.

Source: El heraldo