Pope Francis has announced that he does not want his tomb in the Vatican

He Pope Francisco revealed that he will not be buried in the Vatican caves like the rest of the Popes, but in the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore, in Romewhere the chapel has already been prepared, in an interview with the Mexican channel ‘Nmas’.

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Francisco explained to Mexican journalist Valentina Alazraki that he promised it to the Virgin and that the place has already been prepared Saint Mary Major, the papal basilica where he regularly prays and also before and after each trip in front of the icon of the Virgin ‘Salus Populi Romani’, patron saint of Rome.

As revealed today by the Spanish newspaper ABC, it concerns a chapel in the left nave of this basilica, next to the chapel where the icon of the basilica is housed. Virgin.

‘Because it is my great devotion. Before, when I came to Rome, I always went there on Sunday morning, I would go there for a while. Yes, there is a very good connection,” the Argentine Pope emphasized.

In the interview the dad He also announced that, as at Pope Benedict XVI’s funeral, he too will have a simple funeral.

I was with the ceremony planner for the Pope’s funeral rite. We have simplified them quite a bit,” he explains. Francisco who added that it will be even easier for his funeral

As for his health, after suffering from bronchitis, he assured that he felt “pretty good”: “I feel good, I feel better. Sometimes they tell me I’m reckless because I want to do things and move. That also applies to these good signals ??

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And he emphasizes that he has not thought about dismissal for the time being and that ‘the Lord will say it whenever He wants’.

“But it didn’t occur to me and I saw the courage of it Benedict When he realized he couldn’t, he wanted to say enough, and that’s a good example for me, and I ask the Lord to say enough at some point, but when He wants to.”

And for this reason, he adds, he continues to prepare trips and that “one to Belgium is insured” and “there are two clearly ongoing trips, one to Polynesia and one to Argentina, that are in progress, We’ll see how things develop.” out, but with the “I’m going to take things back in time.”

Source: El heraldo