Police foiled a robbery in the Montes neighborhood: two alleged criminals were injured

The Metropolitan Police of Barranquilla has annulled a robbery committed on the morning of this Friday, December 15, in the Montes district of the capital Atlántico.

According to preliminary information, a worker was walking along 29th Street and 26th Street in the aforementioned neighborhood when he was approached by two individuals on a motorcycle and threatened with a traumatic weapon. They took a high-end mobile phone from the man.

Then, realizing the situation, the quadrant police officers started the chase. One of the alleged criminals fired his weapon at the uniformed officers, causing a confrontation that injured the two alleged thieves.

One of the injured was identified as Kevin de Jesús Sabaleth Orozco, while the other is named Alejandro Rodríguez Acosta. Both were transferred to Barranquilla Hospital and captured, placed at the disposal of the competent authorities.

During the operation, the mobile phone was recovered and the traumatic weapon was seized.

Source: El heraldo