Ecuador opens tender for offshore electricity supply for 18 months

The government of Ecuador announced this Saturday that it has opened a competition for private offshore thermal energy operators, with the aim of overcoming the generation shortage that has led to power outages being planned across almost the entire country since last October.

The Ministry of Energy and Mining, in a statement released through social networks, announced the invitation to national and foreign companies to “present proposals to supply electrical energy through offshore mobile thermal generation”, with power stations using heavy diesel of the type “HF04 or Use HF06”. .

In addition, he indicated that “an operating time of 18 months” was being considered and that generation should be supplied to electricity transmission units in the areas of Trinitaria, Salitral and Esclusas, located near the port city of Guayaquil.

“Interested companies will provide information that will allow them to verify their ability to supply energy,” the ministry added in its statement, specifying that the offers must be delivered to the headquarters of the said portfolio in Quito or through the email of the agency.

These types of invitations are the result of strategies defined by the Ecuadorian government that aim to “solve the problems in the supply of electrical energy in the country”.

The precarious electricity situation faced by President Daniel Noboa’s government was inherited by his predecessor, the conservative Guillermo Lasso, who left power on November 23 and decided to plan the blackouts to make up for the generation shortfall in hydropower plants. a prolonged drought and lack of maintenance.

The government has even announced that it will extend the power outage, which lasted two hours, to three hours a day, although it will suspend power cuts on Christmas and New Year’s Day.

The Ministry of Energy has explained that there is still a shortage of generation at the main hydropower stations and this has caused a shortfall of 465 megawatts per day to meet national demand.

A hydropower complex on the Paute River, which includes three power stations with a combined capacity of 1,700 megawatts, which under normal conditions can supply up to 40 percent of internal demand, is currently producing only 15 percent, according to authorities.

For its part, the Government of Colombia reiterated its commitment to supply energy to Ecuador, as long as hydrological reserves allow it.

This was said by the Minister of Mines and Energy, Andrés Camacho, after a meeting in Bogotá with his Ecuadorian counterpart, Andrea Arrobo, which took place in Bogotá.

“With Minister Andrea Arrobo, we are advancing a regional energy integration agenda, maintaining our total commitment to our brother country Ecuador to supply all available energy, with the certainty that we will have energy back for the strongest period of the El phenomenon. Child in Colombia,” Camacho said on his X account (formerly Twitter).

Arrobo, for his part, reiterated that Colombia is committed to “supplying Ecuador with energy as long as the dry season lasts and hydrological reserves allow it.”

Source: El heraldo