Ecuador reduces rationing hours after purchasing energy from Colombia

Ecuador, that buys energy cheaper to Colombia, and has achieved better management of the reservoirs, the electrical rationing schedules throughout the country, Energy Minister Andrea Arrobo reported on Tuesday.

In context: Blackouts in Ecuador due to decreasing supply from Colombia

Although the power outages have been suspended between Monday and Tuesday, the minister indicated that they will resume this week on a reduced schedule: an hour and a half on the Coast and the Amazon, and two hours in the Sierra.

The drought in the area where the main hydroelectric power stations are located led to the government of the then president Guillermo Lassoto begin rationing.

Last week, Daniel Noboa’s government extended power cuts by an hour, but they will be reduced from this week.

“What we have achieved by managing the reservoirs well has changed the rationing conditions this week,” he said on television in Ecuavisa, referring to the suspension of cuts on Monday and Tuesday.

He commented on the benefits of the heavy rains in recent days, but noted that this “does not guarantee that this will be a condition that will persist in the coming months.”

On the other hand, the minister revealed that they have spoken Colombia on energy tradingGood Ecuador I bought it for about 60 cents per kilowatt/hour.

But those values ​​fell to between 40 and 45 cents, and “the import price today is 21 cents,” he said.

Source: El heraldo