According to UNICEF, children in Gaza have only 2 liters of water per day

The UN agency assured in a statement that running water and sanitation in the area “They are in a critical condition” and that “50% of the infrastructure is inoperative or destroyed.”

He added that “hundreds of thousands of internally displaced persons, about half of whom are children, have arrived in Rafah (southern Gaza Strip) since December and are in urgent need of, water, shelter, medicine and protection.

In the statement, UNICEF Executive Director said: Catherine Russellindicated that “access to sufficient water is a matter of life and death, and children in Gaza have virtually none a drop to drink.”

“Children and their families are being forced to use water from unhealthy sources that are highly salinized or contaminated,” said the person responsible, warning that “many more children will die from deprivation and illnesses in the coming days.

Source: El heraldo