A politician used artificial intelligence to give a speech in prison

Can a former prime minister campaign for the presidency from his prison cell? According to former Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan, this is possible. The opposition leader of the military-backed government has actually used artificial intelligence to campaign from behind the bars of the prison where he has been locked up since last August over accusations that he disclosed classified documents.

Thus, Khan was able to speak at the virtual demonstration organized by his party on social media, despite the imprisonment and censorship imposed by the authorities to prevent him from running again in the February 8 presidential elections. How was this possible? His party, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), used artificial intelligence to create a four-minute message using the 71-year-old politician’s cloned voice and then broadcast it during a virtual rally on social media. The former prime minister submitted a written text through his lawyers. His speech was then converted into audio using an AI tool that allows the creation of “voice clones” based on pre-existing speech, recreating the intonation and accent of the Pakistani politician. “My Pakistani friends, first of all, I would like to commend the social media team for this historic initiative,” said the voice impersonating Khan. “Perhaps you are wondering how I was doing in prison. Today my determination for true freedom is very strong.”

The demonstration was organized by the PTI, which was led by an interim leader following Khan’s arrest, ahead of elections scheduled for next February. Artificial Intelligence is being used for the first time to make a person in prison talk.

Source: Today IT