His wife doesn’t bring him tea: He cuts off her head in front of their children

A 52-year-old man beheaded his wife with a sword after an argument over tea. The incident took place yesterday, Tuesday, December 19, in a village in the Bhojpur region in northern India. The man’s uncontrollable and murderous rage must have been triggered by his wife’s delay in preparing him a drink. A ridiculous motivation that would initially lead to a fight and then to the gruesome murder of the woman by the man who would decapitate his wife with a sword.

The couple has four children who try to protect their mother but are also threatened by the man. The four were sleeping in another room when the woman was killed, and after realizing what had happened, they were dragged away by the man, who allegedly drew his sword towards them.

One of the couple’s children later called the police and said that arguments between mother and father were not uncommon, but that he had not seen any other violent incidents before the murder. The boy warned investigators that he was understandably in a state of shock.

According to police reports, the woman’s husband was found sitting next to his murdered wife’s body and crying. She was arrested by the police while an autopsy was ordered on the woman’s body.

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Source: Today IT