Gaza condemns Israeli torture of hospital director to force him to confess to Hamas

Gaza’s Health Ministry denounced on Wednesday that the director of a hospital in the Palestinian Strip, who admitted to being from that area of ​​Hamas, did so under “torture” by the Israeli army.

Israel assured on Tuesday that the director of the Kamal Adwan Hospital, Ahmad Kahalot, confessed to being a member of the Islamic group Interrogations after his arrest on December 12 at this medical center in Beit Lahia, north of Gaza.

In a statement, the ministry, controlled by the Islamist group Hamas, said this doctor was responsible for the “Military Medical Service, an official body linked to the Palestinian Minister of the Interior.”

“The rank of brigadier general is a professional rank.”He specified that the presence of members of official organizations in the hospital in search of work” as a result of the destruction of the infrastructure of these agencies “by the Israeli military offensive.”

The director’s statements in a video released by Israel were “Torture” and “Intimidation” and its distribution “It is a war crime,” the ministry said.

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“It is a desperate and ridiculous attempt to justify their successive crimes, especially against the healthcare system,” he added, referring to the attacks by Israeli forces on hospitals in Gaza, which Israel denounces and used by Hamas to to hide and attack his troops. .

“We call on human rights institutions to urgently open an investigation into the massacre at Kamal Adwan Hospital, where children were besieged for days without water, food and electricity, which ended with these bombings of hospitals,” he added.

The ministry assured that there were “terrible” scenes at the “attack on the hospital” with “dozens” of detainees.

According to a statement from the military and Israel’s Shin Bet intelligence service, the director said he was “recruited by Hamas in 2010 with the rank of brigadier general” and that “there are employees in the hospital who are military agents of the Al-Brigades Qasam.” , the armed wing of the Islamic group.

Following the Hamas attack on Israeli territory on September 7, which killed more than 1,200 and kidnapped more than 240, Israel declared a state of war and launched a military offensive on land, sea and in the air into the Palestinian enclave, more than 19 people remained behind. 1,600 deaths and more According to the ministry, more than 52,500 people were injured.

Source: La Neta Neta