Prague, a man opens fire and spreads panic. Scary moments in the city

A shooting occurred at a school on Jana Palacha Square in Prague’s historic center. This is what the Czech Republic police announced on their social channels. “Police intervention is ongoing at the moment, the entire Jana Palacha square and surrounding areas are completely closed”, reads a publication, “based on initial information, we can confirm that there are dead and injured at the scene. not stay close and not leave the house. Police intervention is still ongoing.” “I can’t give any information yet, I only have superficial information. I’m going to the location, when I arrive we’ll give you some information.” This is what the Czech Minister of the Interior, Vít Rakušan, told iDNES newspaper, who will soon go to the Faculty of Arts at Carolina University, in Jan Palach Square. “The shooter has been eliminated,” the Czech police then announced in reference to the man who opened fire. “The entire building is currently evacuated and there are several dead and dozens injured,” he added. The news caused panic in the city. Residents and tourists who were outdoors began running towards shelter.

Source: IL Tempo