Young mother called the police about domestic violence: An officer shot and killed her

Niani was only 27 years old and had two daughters. She suffered a ridiculous death, for which the family wants a full explanation as soon as possible. The young woman died after being hit by bullets fired by a Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputy who responded to a report of domestic violence. The circumstances surrounding the woman’s death will be reconstructed. At this time, the police did not want to make public the videos taken by the officers’ body cameras, even though they were there and immortalized every moment. Will do this by the end of next week.

Niani Finlayson killed by police

According to the information revealed so far, the police came to Niani Finlayson’s house in Lancaster on December 4 and found her shot by her ex-boyfriend in front of her daughter. According to the young woman’s lawyer and family, she would ask the officers to take the man away. As for the police reconstruction, Niani was holding a knife with which he threatened his ex-girlfriend, and that’s when sheriff’s deputy Ty Shelton opened fire; this is a version discussed by the family, stating that Finlayson was clearly a victim of domestic violence. he needed assistance and posed no threat to officers. The coroner said the woman died from “several gunshot wounds.”

A related element emerged later. It’s not the first time the police officer who shot him has been involved in a similar incident. Three years ago, on June 11, 2020, he shot and killed sixty-one-year-old Michael Thomas: He had responded to a domestic violence call and the man’s refusal to answer the door, according to a reconstruction by the man’s partner. He shot him in the chest, killing him.

“If you call the police for help,“You don’t expect them to kill you.”

“The police lied about my mother threatening them,” Xaisha, the victim’s very young daughter, said at a press conference with her grandparents on Thursday, calling for Shelton to be charged. “He was my best friend, thereIt was always for me. It’s surprising that he’s gone and will never come back. I miss my mother.” The girl said that her 2-year-old sister was constantly asking where her mother was and that she did not know how to answer. “There is someone who calls the police and asks for help, and he is killed by the police. I want help,” said the family’s attorney, Bradley Gage. “When you call the police for help, you think that the police will protect you and serve you. You don’t expect them to catch you and kill you.”

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Source: Today IT